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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Healing day by day

Each day is better than the previous one, which is much nicer than what I had been experiencing for the last 6 weeks! Burn still bad but healing. Still on pain meds, but less than I was over the weekend, so I think I have turned a corner. Trying to add real food to the diet, but still using primarily liquid nutrition. Energy level is climbing slow but steady.
Some say visualization is the ticket to healing from cancer. I don't know if I could follow that format, but I found this cool Flash movie from Harvard linked on BoingBoing that might help my radiation-ravaged cells remember what their job is supposed to be: Cellular Visions - The Inner Life of a Cell
. More about the animation can be found at Studio Daily:
I figure if I watch the video, my cells should pay attention, right?!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks, Teri!

whitneydt said...

All I can say is, Halleluja, sister! Heal, cells, heal!

OK, and it feels weird-weird-weird, but just try to sit for three minutes and imagine the images from your video, or imagine your breath coming in and giving your cells what they need to heal, and see what happens. It can't hurt, it might help, and yogis have been doing it for 2000 years.

I absolutely suck at meditating, but boy, when it works, it really works.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Lady
Just wanted to let you know I'm still thinking about you. Just read the last several entries in your blog. I'm SO glad that the treatments are over and that you still have your weird sense of humor!!! I've been offline for a couple of weeks but wanted to write now that I'm back to say Congrats for how well you've handled all the treatments. I know that you'll handle the recovery just as well. Hang in there! We love you!


Lynne said...

Teri - Wow! Thanks for the link to the cell animation. I don't know you, and just found your site through your link on Leroy's blog, but I'm glad to find another person with cancer who is sharing about the cancer ride.

The animation is breathtaking, and I'm going to share the link with friends through my blog. My cancer is in my gallbladder, which is rare, and as I read about your story, I'm feeling immense empathy for your struggle to heal from the treatment and celebrate its apparent success. Thanks for sharing about your journey toward healing!

Teresa Hartman said...

Thank you, Lynne, and I really like your blog too Please remember to ask the librarians in your state for information about your cancer, its treatment, and support available to you. Tell 'em Teresa sent you!

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