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Thursday, October 12, 2006


I include these photos not to shock, but to show what someone going through similar radiation might expect. I am only 3 weeks out from my last treatment, and I think I am doing great/amazing/wonderful. I also include a photo advertising our conference next year (I will forever be a booth babe!). First photo on the far right is just before my first radiation treatment (August 3), showing the scar of my operation nicely healed (the scar actually goes behind the ear too, which explains why my ears no longer match!). The next photos towards the left show what I looked like on Sept 20, after the last radiation treatment. (You can see the precise pattern that the Primus machine left on my face - they truly do have this treatment method down to an exact science). The final two on the left are are from this morning, and show the only areas that I have lost my hair - the back of the neck and the left side. What a comb-over!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Teri! It's great to see you healing so well. And what a cool T-shirt... You really are a "booth babe"!

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