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Friday, October 20, 2006

Upcoming adventure and Halloween idea

In a grand step of taking my life back, I am leaving on a jet plane on Sunday. I am looking forward to it, but also have fears that need facing: eating issues while on the road; possible ear pain (or worse) at altitude; my endurance levels while facing travel stress... Like getting on a horse that bucked me off (yep, did that too), I need to see if I can still travel the world or if cancer took that away from me. My money is on me making it just fine, if you want to know the truth! Naturally, I have looked up information that could be of help: using my health insurance site, I searched for oncologists and head/neck specialists in the cities that I will visit and/or layover; I went for the tickets that had the longest time between flights (I doubt I could make the 15 minute dash between gates on this trip!); I visited restaurant web sites to check the menus to identify dishes I could possibly eat (but remember, being with people is more important than eating the food); I made sure that TSA is still allowing passengers to take water purchased in the gate area on board (dry mouth is to be avoided, folks!); and I will pack my supplement and medications with me on the plane in case checked luggage doesn't arrive with me. I once flew overseas with a 9 month old, so I figure this trip will be similar - with me being the infant.
In case you are looking for that cool addition to your Halloween costume, or if you are wanting to show solidarity with someone that is going through radiation, I saw this product on BoingBoing this morning: This is just too cool! I might have to get it to wear to Thanksgiving this year, just to keep relatives on their toes!!


Siobhan said...

from the Librarian Avenger Blog, see the Target Librarian Halloween costume. a little risque... Enjoy your travels, Teri. i am betting on you doing fine also!

Teresa Hartman said...

Wow! I went to the Target site, and the item is 'out of stock' already! Either the whole world wants to be us, or Target pulled the item due to pressure from our colleauges... one can dream well either way! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love the hair gel! Might have to get some myself!


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