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Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a mother's day!

Watch out what you wish for, because it just may come true! Our number one daughter (we have a number one son, too) has just been selected to participate in a long term Rotary Youth Exchange. She will be traveling to Austria in August - not sure where just yet, they are still seeking out a host family. I had hoped and prayed during my cancer treatment and recovery that I would still be around to see my children become independent adults - and her opportunity is coming just a little faster than we ever expected. My husband and I went with her to be interviewed yesterday afternoon, and after they interviewed the three of us (separately - her by herself, then the two of us together) they gave her the good news that she was accepted, and that all paperwork needs to be in by Friday. We have some jumping to do to get everything in order, but are so very happy to have this duty. She is thrilled to be living and learning in Europe, something she has hoped for for most of her young life. Some of her duties during her time in Austria and again when she returns include speaking about her experiences at Rotary club meetings, and encouraging families to sign up to be host families on both sides of the pond. She will need to complete her Senior year after she returns, putting her a year behind her friends, but in her words, worth it for the adventure she will have. Finances for this adventure will have to be pretty creative, since most of our 'expendable' income has been going for doctor and hospital fees, but we are confident that the money will come when it is needed. For now, we are enjoying her excitement - it is so refreshing to have large doses of that in the house!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Teri. Congratulations to your daughter! And thanks for the eye-opening links about the financial side of health care in the previous post. - Keith

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