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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My weird diet

This is recorded for those that might be experiencing similar problems in the food department. But don't expect gastronomic thrills!
I think I have gotten used to my lack of tasting food. I enjoy the crunchy things (shredded wheat cereal, nuts, cucumbers, raw zuccini and green peppers), can handle cooked beans or mixed vegetables, but still no meat. My new snack - green pepper strips or sliced cucumber. I have developed a fondness for whipped light cream out of a can for a 'dessert' (shoot it in a bowl and spoon it up - go figure), which gives me a bowl of my own when the family does sundaes. If I get to say my preference for a lunch menu at business meetings, it is milk. We stopped at a chain restaurant the other day (like a Perkins or a Denny's), and I tried their blintzes with blueberry sauce and sour cream - it worked, but I am not sure if I will ask for it again - that was a whole lot of fat with the cream cheese and sour cream. The crepes worked very well, so Rick fixed me some at home last night, with over-easy eggs. If a bready item is greased or sauced up sufficiently, it can be consumed - but at some point, I have to decide if it is worth the effort. Rice and pasta are nasty most of the time - kind of little slime balls with no flavor. Now I know why a toddler gives the faces they do when they try new foods - they must be affected by the different textures as well as unfamiliar tastes.
I still can't stand spices outside of salt. I had some green beans that had been cooked with pepper at a restaurant, and the mouth tingled for the rest of the night. I was foolish last week, and was determined to see if the nacho cheese dip tasted or not, and licked some (a tiny bit-honest) off my finger - pow! Was like a mouth full of salt (no cheese flavor turned up) dipped in Tabasco. Ok, ok - I am a believer once again. For that reason, I still haven't gone in for any tomato or citrus foods - figure the acid will be too much for the sensitive mouth. Same goes for the alcohol - haven't tried it yet, doubt if I will. I have had nearly a year without caffeine drinks of any type, but I still love to walk by the coffee cart at work and just smell the goodness.
I have tried cheesecake, unfortunately with success in the texture department. I guess an old trigger food can become a new trigger food, for different reasons, so I have to watch that one in this life, too. I don't care for pudding or ice cream any more, and of course, Godiva and the other chocolate companies are calling my house to complain about their lack of sales. Fast food commercials just pass me by - they know I am no longer in their pool of potential customers. Cheese = rubber. Hamburger - has to be dunked or chewed with lots of liquid, so what is the point? I haven't tried watermelon after last summer, but I have tried small bits of honeydew - sort of works. The best restaurants are those with buffets or big salad bars - I can go and pick and choose, and have a normal night out with the family.
If I ever wrote a cookbook for those of us lacking sense of taste, I would include a lot of whole grains, beans, and nuts to chew on. Go for the textures. Maybe make the cover out of burlap...

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