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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Searching Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma using the Internet

In case you can't see the Links section on the right side of the page, I have added searching links for Google, Google News, Google Blog Search,, and PubMed.Gov. You can click on the Search links, and retrieve what is currently listed at those sites that has to do with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. The PubMed search is not currently limited to date - I may choose to list only the last 3 years at a future date. For Google, I only search for adenoid cystic, not the three-word name, since (for some reason) more results appear when I only use the two word phrase. Here are all of the links I currently show on the right side of my blog:


Anonymous said...

Not just links, but RELIABLE links.

Librarians rock.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful links! I have just found your blog thru Google and I find myself coming back to read old posts. I also have ACC (tumor found in the submandibular gland). My 2 year anniversary is coming up and I'm getting nervous. Perhaps I should set up a blog... not sure how to do it, it it can't be all that hard. ..... Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi" and tell you that your blog is wonderful!

Teresa Hartman said...

Thank you, Jen and Sally J, for your comments on the links. Jen, congratulations for your anniversary! I completely understand the nervousness - I am facing another 3 month follow-up in a couple of weeks, and it is starting to wear me down. I hope my next post helps you create your own blog. Let me know about it - I bet it will be a great one!

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