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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mommy bloggers are big - where are cancer bloggers?

I saw this BizReport from May, after hitting a search brought up by this morning's GMA story on Mommy Bloggers making money:
Nielsen: Mommy Bloggers - the ones to watch:

Please listen up, Nielsen. Of the cancer blogs I follow, I would vote that Jeanne Sather's The Assertive Cancer Patient , and Kate Burton's After Cancer, Now What? , are two blogs that I read the most. I am so glad that I can follow other folks' stories through their blogs - Dee's Updates, Korean Cuisine, Cyndi's A Day in a Life With Life, Molly's Musings/Brawley's Boobs-WHATEVER!, and the others in the list I have on the right side of this page. Yes, I still link to folks that have died, since their recording of their cancer travels can be of help to others on our shared road. Not much advertising on most of these blogs. Some bloggers have gone with topical advertising, or like Jeanne, have created another site that they conduct business through: Charmed Bracelets, as well as accept donations to support the blogger. I don't know how acceptable sponsored blogs are in Mommy-land, but as a cancer patient and a medical librarian, I take any sponsorship on a health-related blog with a grain of salt. I have had one episode on this blog where I received something to review, with the understanding that the review would be my own to write - no other support or sponsorship has been received for the other things I recommend for cancer treatment coping - Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey as a protein drink, Coolibar as a source of sun protection clothing, Biotene as a toothpaste for low-saliva, your local public or medical library for good sources of information... My blog is just to let folks know what worked/works/didn't work for me, so they will have some additional items in their decision tool-box.

So Nielsen, you might want to run a survey of influential cancer bloggers. Please just remember to go for the rare cancers as well as those that impact larger portions of the population - thanks. As far as influence, I wager that those of us in the rare cancer world may have greater impact in each life we touch - there just isn't a lot of information out there on some topics!

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Jeanne said...

Teri--good post. I'll link to this one as soon as I get a bit caught up.

I wish my blog would make me a living wage ...

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