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Monday, July 27, 2009

My voice update

I am teaching with the Chattervox now, and loving every minute of it, since I don't have to force the voice for 2 hours straight to go over the fan sound of 14 computers. I joke with the students that they can expect me to interrupt my lecture with, "But wait, there's more!" occasionally. I just have to remember not to go evangelical on them when I see eyes glazing over (the classes this month are after lunch - oh, man) - the Chattervox amplifies my voice very well, so if I get strident, they lose their hearing (grin!).
A friend and reader of this blog suggested that I could use this in a pinch. I think I may wear that to the next head & neck surgeon visit, just to keep them on their toes. Either that, or Darth Vader's helmet.
Still can't sing or hum, which is frustrating in the Cheekymobile and in the shower, but probably better for harmony in the home (family says I couldn't sing before...). Not sure if I ever will be able to make music outside of whistling - guess that is why the Marx brother did that.


Jeanne said...

Oh, man, get the helmet. Rock and roll!

Christine said...

An online friend (Dee) directed me to your blog. I am looking for a voice amplifier and I see you are using the Chattervox. Did you buy it online? I have lymphangitic carcinomatosa (breast cancer mets on the broncus, pinching the nerve to my voice). Any advice on buying one of these devices? I live in Canada and am trying to find a supplier here, but I may have to order online from the U.S.

Teresa Hartman said...

Hi Christine - yes, I actually used the Chattervox today, since I had 6 straight hours of lecture (getting the third year med students on the road for their rotations). I looked up the term in Amazon, and found it along with other voice amplifiers that might serve your needs. If I lose my voice again (more than it is now), I would probably have a couple different amplifiers: one for teaching, and another for table-conversation type settings (committee work, meeting with friends, etc.). There may be a consumer health library near you in Canada (search here: that you can ask to assist you in locating a source. Best wishes to you!

Christine said...

Thank you for all the info regarding the Chattervox. I couldn't find a Canadian supplier so ended up ordering one directly from the Chattervox website. Can't wait until it arrives so I can enjoy having conversations in public places again (e.g. going to a restaurant).

I miss singing in the car...

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