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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

video On Being An Oncologist

As cancer bloggers, we talk about our oncologists in various ways - positive, negative, as a team member in our care, as a barrier to the care we think we should be receiving - but rarely have our oncologists as participating discussion members. I found this great video that presents the oncologist's point of view through actors William Hurt and Megan Cole on the MD Anderson site. Designed for discussion and reflection by health professionals, the video grew out of a focus group project that gathered comments from the professionals at MD Anderson. In these days of health reform discussion, remembering that our caregivers are humans with lives and talents and skills and fatigue and fears and concerns and barriers of their own might be pretty useful to keep in mind. Thanks to all of my health professional caregivers - I salute you for your work you do despite your frustrations and barriers of the system/time available/limitations posed by the disease process I face.

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