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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Maybe I COULD be a food critic

Just learned that they have developed an electronic tongue that 'tastes' sweetness like the real thing:

Hmmm - imagine me sitting down, the waiter placing the napkin in my lap, and after the first course is served, I break out a plastic box. The waiter is concerned - could I be applying makeup at the table? (Gasp!) I reassure him that this is the machine that I will judge the taste of the food with for my food column.Yeah, it could happen...

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Dee said...

Yes, perhaps it could! That'd be a great experiment, huh?

Better yet, it would be great if they could hook that thing up to some nerve (kinda like those cochlear implants) so that you can taste again. That would be wonderful! That's what I wish for you someday!

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