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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A mom with a child newly diagnosed with ACC needs your support

Sara posted a comment on one of my recent messages, and I include it here in case you missed it:

I just started a blog for myself. My son was diagnosed with ACC this week. I am struggling with sleeping and eating. I dont know what to do. We are waiting to hear from the doctor my son was assigned to at St. Jude, hopefully tomorrow. I would love to hear from anyone that knows about ACC or someone that wants to vent with me. We have a Caring Bridge site.
Thank you for listening.

Cheekylibrarian, here - if you have any words of support for this mom, her email address is on the caring bridge blog, or you can leave comments on the blogspot blog. Please let her know she isn't alone. If you happen to be someone that survived having ACC as a kid, or have been the caregiver for a young person with ACC, I know you have unique information that you can share with her. Sending you the best, Sara - you are not alone in this.
PS - (added 2/5/10) Jacob's aunt also has a blog, and posted it in the comments to this message - bringing it up to the front for you:


Jeanne said...

Teri--I'll put something on my blog about her as well.

Do you know anything about kids getting ACC? Somehow I thought it was an adult cancer ...

Teresa Hartman said...

Here is a page of statistics on ACC (aka AdCC) at the ASCO site:

They say that there have been some pediatric cases, but nothing more specific than that. I will hit the research after I return to work, and see if I can get some numbers.

LJ said...

Teri- I am Jacob's aunt and I have also started a blog for Jacob called Jacob's Journey. I am hoping it will allow others to show their support to Jacob and also learn more about ACC. The link is

Who links to my website?