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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Update on the nose situation

I visited an ENT fellow (who is just about finished with his residency, and will be heading out very soon to begin his professional practice) on Friday, and got the lowdown on how my nose is doing (re: sinus rinsing resulted in hours, nearly days later whooshes of water spraying out of my nose). After getting up close and personal with a camera up into my sinuses, he pronounced me fine and dandy in that area of my anatomy. In fact, he said, if he didn't know that I had had radiation to the head, he knew of many people that would like to have sinuses like mine (so now I know that radiation cures sinus problems, and acne - go figure). Evidently, radiation causes the tissue to shrink, so I have caverns up there, compared to some folks that have cramped sinuses. The only bad part - my caverns still have the little bitty openings that most folks have, so the water that goes up there stays until something (never did find the right movements to do it on cue) brings it back down the nose. I figure if I get into the rinsing habit, it may be something I will reserve just for Friday and Saturday night, something like how I used to govern alcohol imbibing (relax - remember, I don't do that anymore). He said that I needed to keep my nose like a dog's - wet. He suggested saline nasal spray, drink lots of fluids, and some sort of ointment (vaseline, bacitracin, whatever), and see if that takes care of things. I thanked him for new coping tools, and danced out of there, glad that he didn't find anything else (well, there was a mention of a crooked septum, but I am not at all seeking elective surgery - had enough of the other sort, thanks.) I also checked with Lucky the Dog when I got home to see what he recommended, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.
So, back on the straight and narrow, with only a few more hospital bills to pay than I thought there would be before my head/neck MRI in late July before I see the head/neck guys again in August.

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Korean Cuisine said...

HI T! I haven't visited your site in awhile, but it's good to see you still posting up such useful information! I just had my MRI and am currently waiting for the results. Fingers, toes, and everything else is crossed. I hope your nose feels better soon!

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