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Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer food is great!

Thank goodness for all the fresh veggies and melons and blueberries that are offered in the stores now and at farmers markets. I picked up a 2 pound package of huge blueberries at Sams - those will be my weekend treat. We also stopped by Aldi last night, and they had a special buy on frozen cooked mussels - only 2.99 a box. The only time I remember having mussels was in Vancouver, BC, during that fantastic MLA conference (ah, librarians-the best people to get together with!). I figured I would try them again with my new mouth, and it was very successful. I bought one box frozen in their 'natural juices', and one of 'garlic and butter' flavored, heated them up (less than 10 minutes, folks), and sat with my bowl full of steamy mussels in the shell and snarfed. Lucky the dog looked wistful, but it was only because he loves butter - would have been great to see what he would have done if I had flung him a shell (but that was NOT going to happen). I will have to catch up on veggies today after skipping them last night, but the mussels were so fun that I stopped there.
Today is National Cheesecake Day, and since I can by-golly do some cheesecake, I bought 2 frozen Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes at Sams and am taking them to work. I don't share too much with eating things at work, so when I can, I want to make a special event. Plus, its cheesecake! Can't go wrong there...

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