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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marked the 5 year mark in my own way

I know - I wasn't going to do much, since it isn't a 'real' date for me (5 years out of cancer treatment does not mean you get to consider yourself in remission with ACC - let's be realistic about that), but I felt like marking a date anyway. Purchased breakfast sandwiches at Jason's Deli (I thought they were over-browned, but folks voiced their appreciation at work - I work with a lot of really great people!) and brought them in for a morning treat. Original intent was just to say it was celebrating summer, but I was outed by a colleague who let folks know that I was 5 years out. She even went and bought me roses as a congratulation/celebration gift - my whole office smells wonderful!
Number one daughter is getting ready to head overseas for language immersion study, and number one son is working a lot of evening hours, so it will be just me and the mister to go out whenever we can get out. He works every other weekend, so doesn't get off this week until Monday. We shall see if we can sneak out for a lunch together at the local HuHot Mongolian grill (ah, grilled veggies - the other steak meat).
5 years. Time marches on. Here's to many more years for us all, and every day filled with moments to cherish. At this very moment, Lucky the Dog is barking for a treat, so the bellybutton contemplation time is over.

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Maryellen Sievert said...

Glad to hear you've reached a new milestone. I can truly say knowing you both before and after this ordeal has enriched my life. A good friend is now going through treatment (2d time) for multiple myleoma and his family keeps the rest of us posted about his condition. I pointed him about your blog so he's probably reading it when he's up to reading.

Keep up the good fight and know that many of us are always there cheering for you even if we don't post often.



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