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Friday, April 20, 2012

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in the news

Today's stories have ACC meeting up with health care benefits. Two stories about Hans Bruns, a recently diagnosed ACC wearer, and his suit against Maine to reinstate his health benefits. The particulars of the story, and the comments on both of these news items, are worth reading.

From the Kennebec Journal: Patient sues state over MaineCare benefit cuts

From the Bangor Daily News: Did the state violate the Constitution by kicking Aroostook County man off MaineCare?

I would like to know where all of the cancer fund raising societies stand on cases like this - and Mr. Bruns is only one of many stories. If I do get to live 20 years with this cheeky condition, I will be in the medicare-level of care funding, which terrifies me.  What will I have as a financial backup if the state/federal/insurance/ACO folks decide that I am too ill to pay for my care then? (Just saw this JNCI 2010 letter, where it quotes another article that said "payers should not spend more" for a quality-adjusted life-year than $129,090.) I am already a no-code (don't give me CPR, not worth it at this point), and I am very realistic about no drug or treatment is out there that will rid this cancer, but there had better be plenty of morphine to reach for when the time comes, and a skilled person to give it to me. I will be watching to see how Mr. Bruns' case goes, as I imagine others on all levels will be.

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