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Sunday, September 02, 2012

For those of us with rearranged ears or radiated necks: Comfy Earrings!

Since I no longer have spices or flavors to jazz up my days, bling pretty much has to pick up the slack. I love making and wearing (and sharing!) my necklaces that I make and sell through Teresa Hartman Designs (website coming real soon!). But earrings have just escaped me. When the surgeons went after the first tumor, my ear was removed and replaced closer to my head (gee, hope you aren't reading this during a meal...), and got even closer after the radiation took place.  Think Steven Colbert, only with a 50+ female face attached. I have not been able to wear post earrings since then, 6 years now, since the sharp point in the back hits my radiated neck and no amount of bling can overcome a day long pain in the neck. I gave my entire collection of jewelry to number one daughter (made her day, I can tell you!). I have stuck with hoops, especially those that have few pointy parts near my head, and basically really glad I still have an ear to hang something in.
I just learned about these earrings: Comfy Earrings
The owner says on her site that she merged the best things about regular earrings and body jewelry (yep, I too have noted that body jewelry has smoother backs for more comfortable wearing). Give it a look-see. These might fit your needs.

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