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Friday, July 20, 2007

Latest travel and taste stories

I just returned from a trip to Missouri where we saw the moms and other relatives, touching base before number one daughter leaves for her year abroad. I think I drove more than 800 miles in just 4 days, and held up pretty well while doing it. While at my mom's, I tried some of her home cooking, but no luck with adding meat to my diet. We visited the bulk food store in Tipton, Missouri, and I loaded up on the regulars: sunflower seeds (no salt), hard red wheat berries (cook it like rice), and fresh cucumbers, green peppers, and cantelope melon. I tried watermelon, but the fiberous netting still gets in the way. I tried some fresh tomato, but still too acidic for eating comfort. I had fun watching the family eat massive BLT sandwiches, though, while we all chowed down on corn on the cob - it is great to have fresh produce to enjoy. I was able to eat out with family 4 times during the trip - twice at a buffet, where I had all the green beans, corn, lima beans, broccoli, cabbage I could want; once at a tea room, where I had vegetable quiche (left the crust) and corn; and once at a family-style diner, where I had one serving of each of their vegetables of the day (corn, green beans, and butter beans). The Missouri Tourism board should be happy to hear that I can spend money on eating out just like the next guy!
If you have had radiation to the head/neck area, and have experienced changes to taste or eating ability, please keep on trying. Don't give up adding food to your diet - just proceed slowly and carefully, and of course follow your doctor's and nutritionist's advice.

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