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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Things are going pretty well

The weather is fantastic - in the 70's today, windows are open and the roast that I am cooking for tomorrow's dinner is making the house smell like a home. These days, eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no small positive moments. There could be major negative positives - various family members (including myself) have been tested for the virus, so far none are positive. Grandson is growing - we witness his progress nearly every day, thanks to FaceTime and AT&T. Still no hugs in person due to where we work at the hospital. Neither myself nor my wonderful husband could live with ourselves if we caused that little guy or his parents any illness. 

The rate of infection and healthcare utilization are ramping up significantly in our community. I wish I could offer some respite to the great healthcare professionals who care every day for the new and existing COVID-19 patients. All I can do is stay home, mask up if I go out, and keep my visits outside of my house to a minimum. I fear that the celebration around Biden being named the next president will be super spreader events - people just don't learn. 

NASA must know that I want to travel - they offered me a boarding pass :-). Reminds me of my Pluto trip:  It would be so cool to fly around the Earth in the space station! Maybe my grandson's generation will have regular space visits as an option. 

Be safe out there, and stay well. We need you.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

5th of July

In 1981, I had the wonderful opportunity to take a theater and arts class at State Fair Community College. Up to that point, I had not traveled much, and only knew of New York through the New Yorker magazine. The semester-long class culminated with a week in New York, including 3 plays and 2 museums plus two group dinners. We were advised to not wear gold necklaces (they could be ripped off, prized for the high gold prices), and to not talk to anyone coming up to us on the street as they were likely pushing drugs. (Hey, it was 1981, and we were coming from a small town in Missouri.) I enjoyed the adventure, and had my horizons widened daily. One of the plays we saw was 5th of July by Lanford Wilson. Richard Thomas played Kenneth Talley, Jr. I loved the play, and the opportunity to talk with the cast afterwards. I remember holding hope that my gay relatives, neighbors and friends would not face the challenges the play uncovered...

Today is another 5th of July. Dang it, I am holding hope again, this time that my relatives, neighbors and friends won't be experiencing chronic illness or dying because of COVID-19.

It has been 14 years since my diagnosis and treatment for adenoid cystic carcinoma. If I had known all those years ago that I would survive my cancer treatment to face a global pandemic in 2020, I still would have fought hard to recover. There are still hopeful moments this year while the pandemic rages on in the world. Viewing things with a glass-half-full perspective: we are expecting to welcome our first grandchild in a few weeks; I am able to visit by phone with my fri3ends & senior relatives, and cancer has not returned. I had a right going-over during the Fall of 2019 due to symptoms that were attributed to aging instead of ACC mets. I am once again a boring patient while my healthcare professional caregivers are fighting another battle to return others to health.

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