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Saturday, September 16, 2023

17 years on after Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

If you are reeiving this because you are subscribed to my blog, I imagine this update after such a long silence shocked you a bit. Grinning over here - that isn't the intent. I just wanted to check in. 

I am still on this timeline with you. AdCC hasn't come back yet, though my doctors get at least one boat payment from me each year when I go in for my check-ups and x-rays. It isn't all a fairy tale, but no one's life is. I have outlived my mom (one of her wishes when I was diagnosed in 2006, since her fear was that she would outlive me.) Mom was boss to the end. Sharing her life story here (video made my my nephew, now videographer for the Kansas City Chiefs, so our family has a bit of Super Bowl history :-): She was my strength and advisor, the wall I bounced my angst tennis balls off of during our hour-long phone calls, even up until the very last week of her life. Thanks to her, I can continue to look forward to what tomorrow brings. Even when the tomorrows seem scarier than usual. 

I have been in grief counseling for about 6 weeks and can recommend it for anyone suffering a loss (in my opinion, that includes having a cancer diagnosis, since I lost my former self when diagnosed and treated all those years ago.) Mom's hospice recommended a counselor trained by the Grief Recovery Institute:  I highly recommend this program and its trained experts, based on my experience with my Omaha-based counselor, Sandra Frost

My husband is wonderful and as supportive as ever as we both travel into aging together. He indulged me in renovating our house to be as accommodating as possible for us to live comfortably and independently for the next 10 years. This meant a kitchen and main bath redo, resulting in a walk-in shower complete with grab bars, and a new deck. We have rolled with this like other disruptions in our lives, and continue to look forward to good adventures to come.   

I have a granddaughter that joined her brother in 2022, adding more love to our family circle. Her picture on this post shows her wearing the dress I made for her mom in 1991 when my husband returned from the Gulf War. I am very glad I am around to see the continuing family history. 

I hope some of these ramblings, along with the others in this 17 year old blog, help you if you or someone you love is going through cancer treatment. I am glad to be here to say there are tomorrows, and despite life being different, it is a rich one. I may update this more often, even if it just to comment on the weather. Remember: #HumansWin. 

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