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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking forward to 2015

Sand Hills, Nebraska
Long silence, I know. Life has been good - physically, mentally, emotionally. A person can't ask for
more than that. Dear husband and I have been together now for over 30 years (and still like to ride in the car together, even when it is a Mini Sport!). Celebrated anniversary and holidays with the kids - they have grown up to be fine adults, everything their parents could wish for. Extended family is doing well. Work is changing in exciting ways - retirements, new hires, more opportunities to serve the great educators, clinicians and researchers at the finest medical center in the world (how lucky can a person be?!).

Thanks for the great service, Justin!
Even though we lost Cheeky during the spring trip to the west coast, thanks to Justin at Performance Toyota in LaVista, NE, we have not one but two new cars in the garage this winter. We have had some great travels in both cars so far, and looking forward to many more.

I am amazed daily that I have the life that I live, after all that took place in 2006. No matter what takes place each day, that is at the top of my mind when I pause at night, and when I rise in the morning. I have been anticipating 2015 - this is the year that my photo comes out of the time capsule, when the New Horizons craft reaches Pluto. I can remember wondering if I would be here to witness the time capsule being opened... and the way it looks, I will be!

@Lauritzen Gardens, 2014
I wish for everyone a great new year ahead, full of smiles, adventures, connections to the people and the activities you love, with sun in your face and wind in your

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