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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in the news

1. Saw this recent research article on results from studying ACC in the lab -
EGFR inhibition prevents in vitro growth of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma
[note: EGFR stands for epidermal growth factor receptor, something that they are still not quite sure applies to ACC cancer cells, but has been proven to be on other cancer cell types. Conclusion of the abstract is that the drug Nimotuzumab might work on ACC. More on that drug here: , and clinical trials on the drug covering several diseases are listed here: . Clinical trials mentioning ACC are listed here:]

2. Not sure if you have noticed the court case that has taken over Headline News every evening, but it turns out that there is a connection to ACC buried in there. According to this , the prosecutor on the current case successfully prosecuted a case against a woman who killed her husband - and the husband had ACC. And that is about all I know about either one of the cases - still not sure why the tv coverage on the current trial.

3. I have not tried yoga (I will qualify that with a 'yet' - all things are still possible, right?), but thought this event might get me to trying it, if only the event were closer geographically: 'A New Day' Yoga for Cancer Retreat Set for April 20 . The event will be led by Kelly Harth, an ACC wearer since 2003. The article says Kelly has had more than 30 surgeries in the past 10 years, but still volunteers for hospice and head/neck cancer support groups, as well as planning for and conducting this yoga event. Go Kelly, go! And if you happen to read this, Kelly, please share some tips for those of us interested in yoga but not able to attend your event.

Thoughts during one last snow in Omaha

At least, I hope it is the last snow of this year. They are calling it "early spring" instead of "late winter" - like that would make it feel differently!
I saw a blog named "Taste of MoonGoddess" earlier this week, written by a family member of someone that once wore Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. Sharing a link to the post that moved me, in case it does the same for you: Simple It Is Not
In awe of the strength the author shows, and hoping I have that shown that strength whenever I face similar losses in person.

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