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Friday, October 22, 2010

Honoring another ACC fighter

I am so sorry to record here that Chadee Deen passed away on October 20. Her obituary is here. Memorials may be made to ACCRF.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What has Cheeky Librarian been up to lately?

Well, I attended the MCMLA conference for the first time since 2007 this past week in Wichita (last time I attended, we hosted it here in Omaha, and I had the skull lesion afterwards - nothing is allowed to happen this year like that!). The conference was held in the Hotel At Old Town ( - a gorgeous place to stay, if you are ever lucky enough to visit Wichita.
The other thing I have been up to: I have started my own business. Teresa Hartman Designs. I make jewelry - necklaces, mainly - during those hours of being up at night with the headaches. As Dr. L. put it, "You are making lemonade". You betcha. I have a blog ready to catch pictures, but haven't posted any yet - I will announce it here when it is ready. I have a Facebook store page if you want to become a fan, but haven't set up the buying function yet. What I have done is create about 200 necklaces, and I have my first show this Thursday and Friday at the Nebraska Library Association (thanks to generous donation of booth space by Eastern Library System!). Then, I will be joining Osborne Originals (an expert artist creating beautiful basketry) on November 6 here in Omaha for an in-home open house of our wares, just in time for the holidays.
It takes my breath away to think that the beautiful shiny objects I create during the o-dark-thirty hours find new homes with people that like them. My kids say that I create the necklaces like I used to cook - using the different textures and colors of beads to add "flavor", arranging them on my bead mat like yellobagman did with beautiful spices in his Flickr photo. Dear husband approves of this new venture. He said during a bead store visit, as the saleslady commented that she didn't see too many husbands join their wives on buying trips: "That's ok. I know that if we buy the beads, she will be quiet and happy." Heh - what husband wouldn't love that result? (And yes, 'quiet' always comes before 'happy' when he retells this story - I am sure I don't know why.)

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