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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Soul Seat - gotta get one

If you are sitting at your computer all uncomfortable, have I got the cure for you.
I happen to know the creator of the Soul Seat - a chair designed by Pack Mathews, in Columbia, Missouri:
One of these wonderful seats may be heading to Omaha real soon - I need to get something else to use when working on the computer, and this looks as if it will do the trick. At $350, it is a bargain, especially if it helps me be more productive! Congratulations, Pack!
If you are looking to add a Soul Seat or two to your household, you can contact him through the Soul Seat website .
I need to start a blog roll on the right side for the creative folks that I now know: Jeanne Sather's beautiful Charmed Bracelets, Korean Cuisine's wonderful cooking blog, and Pack Mathews' website that he has for his great Soul Seat. If you hear of anyone else creating things, just let me know - I will post them here!

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