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Friday, January 15, 2010

A visit to the dietitian

I met with the dietitian that is a partner in my family medicine clinic, and got re-schooled on what a nutritional diet for a non-tasting person should look like. The dietitian took the food preferences I currently have (which are pretty good, overall) and put them into a food exchange set-up, so I can keep better track of what I am ingesting. I have also started recording what I eat on FitDay, a free online food diary site: None of this is earth-shattering - I just needed to be reminded to increase my protein intake (had stopped doing the protein shakes before the holidays, and my energy level has suffered) and that even vegetables have calories (what?!? how rude!), and one cannot make a meal of nuts and berries every day without compensating for lower calorie options along the way. As I told a friend, even cows get fat on grass...


Dee said...

Well, that food looks fun to eat! I like it! : )

Peg said...

The way my taste was affected during chemo, I can't fathom how difficult permanent impairment must be.
Thanks for the link - I need an online site to keep me on straight and narrow.
Take care - Peg

Jeanne said...

Hey, I recognize that plate of food!

I've noticed the same thing about protein. I tend not to eat a lot of protein, but I feel much better when I do eat more.

Since I'm a vegetarian, I get protein from dairy and eggs and then tofu and all the beans.

Daria said...

I've book marked the site and will make a visit.

Who links to my website?