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Monday, June 06, 2011

I missed the National Cancer Survivors Day, June 5

I guess I didn't get the email/postcard/Facebook poke about yesterday's events. If you went to something, let me know how it was. Here is a search in Google News on stories written about the day's events all over:

Since I am not feeling all that inspirational for others, I might have blocked out news alerts about the day, but not sure. I don't think I received anything in any of my network contacts saying that the day was taking place, which either means the ones organizing the 'national' part of the day took a wrong step, or nothing much took place here in Omaha.

No matter. If you have had a health professional look at you and say in so many words, "you have cancer", and you are reading this post, I send you a virtual high-five slap from one survivor to another.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cheeky,

I didn't get my invite either. On the 14th I'll be marking my 10 year mark. Please don't be offended if you don't get a piece of cake...I'm not making one.

I do plan on getting up that morning and smiling in the face of the sun: Knowing I have passed through the pre-existing clause of my health insurance.


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