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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in the news

I saw this great story in the Oakdale Leader, by Kim Van Meter:
Make-up with a mission
It is a story about how a fellow ACC wearer, Mary Carey, overcame cancer treatment issues and their effect on her appearance with the help of her talented niece, Vena Hudgins. Ms. Hudgins has plans to help other cancer warriors with once a month classes.

My medical center, and probably one nearby you if you are interested, has a regular workshop called Look Good... Feel Better. Here is the homepage for that program:
I once made an appointment to go to a workshop, but chickened out when the person on the phone didn't know if the makeup techniques would work on radiated facial skin. The program is known for lifting spirits and renewing confidence of women with cancer in other areas of their body - asking them about techniques to apply makeup to previously-radiated skin kind of tripped them up. I was never one to use makeup all that much before 2006, but I would like to be a hottie for my dear husband occasionally, and I am still very much in public with my presentations and classes.

I plan on getting in touch with Ms. Hudgins to see if she has some tips on locating makeup that goes on and comes off my radiated skin without pain. If you have some tips to share, please leave a comment - I can't be the only one dealing with this issue, and your words could help many others.

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