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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Activities in my life - a new website!

There was one thing that cancer brought into my life that I hadn't experienced much before - not an increased love of life (I was already well-aware of how precious life is, as any military wife grows to realize), nor a new zest for physical activity (the head hurts when it bounces - 'nuf said) - it was making jewelry that made other people light up and smile when they looked at it and tried it on.
I have been making and selling it now for a couple of years through my company Teresa Hartman Designs - and have now made a website for it: . (If the link doesn't work yet, it only got switched on today - evidently the servers have to chew on it awhile before moving it to the new address.)
It is a beginning that has taken place in a year full of endings of one sort or another, and I am so glad I took the chance and made it happen. It was due to the encouragement of the One K in 1 Day project, an online group of 1000 business women around the world that joined to get their websites onto the Internet. This was a one day event, but if you are interested in taking on something like this (and yes, you DO have the know-how to make it happen, especially with the support this group gives), check out the source company in Great Britain that led the group as it leads others to success -

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