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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Located another ACC blogger

Just found a fellow ACC traveler's blog, thanks to her wonderful husband's blog:
Glimpses Within . Karen Zanker was diagnosed with ACC just this past October. Her husband, Steve, had a post today on his (aptly named) blog that gives an update on how things are going: Views From The Passenger Seat

Reading their story brings back to mind the conversation I had with the nurse taking me downstairs the first time I left the hospital, after a 24 hour stay for my initial surgery and before we got the diagnosis the next week. She and I were alone in the elevator and I could only think of getting the heck out of there and home to heal up. She was standing behind me, holding the wheelchair handles, and I was watching the floor lights blip by. In an offhand fashion, she asked me if the man that had made sure I walked the hallway and ate my oatmeal before discharge that morning was my husband. Being a daughter of a nurse, I knew they make no offhand remarks, but quietly said he was. "Good", she said. "You have a great source of support." And then the elevator door opened.

As a total stranger that has a micro-knowledge of Steve and Karen's story, I want to thank Steve for being Karen's great source of support. I know they have other lifelines that they are thankful for, but believe me, that person you can count on, in whatever form they take (sibling, parent, friend, child, relative, fellow human, fellow mammal of some sort, or even a Wilson), is so very valuable when you face any crisis, cancer included.

Sending Karen and Steve all best wishes as they head into the new normal. And someone please buy some of Karen's cookies and eat them for me, ok?

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