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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in the news

Winter's nearly here
Winter's nearly here
I saw a tweet from Mark Bellinger of the News Channel 5 in Nashville, TN, that appears to say he is dealing with ACC like many of us: . Sending you good wishes, Mr. Bellinger. Let us know if you need information on this - you are not alone in your fight!

Some of the folks fighting keep up with each other on this Facebook site, managed by Attack ACC (a link to that organization is on the right side of this blog): . I hope you can get to the page and take a look at it without having a Facebook account - not sure on that, though. Let me know if you have trouble seeing it.

I also saw the coolest story about a fellow ACC wearer that I have written about before (, who is one of five winners of the Dove Men+Care contest - Gerald Babao,  who will be running in the New York City Marathon, AND has his own 5k coming up that raises money for the ACCRF! Here is the story about Mr. Babao and a fellow contest winner, Jonathan Vogel: A bond tht will keep on running (by Reid Creager) . You can register for the upcoming Wannabe Cancer-Free 5k at this site: Congratulations on winning in so many ways, Mr. Babao!! And thanks for raising money to research this stuff that we wear daily.

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Thank you very much! Cheers.

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