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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to create a blog, thanks to Jen

Thanks to Jen's comments on my last post of links, I have some links here that should help anyone that is considering creating a blog of their own to record their experiences, either in or out of the cancer world. I use Blogger, owned by Google, since my email id and password work for the blog, too (and how many ids and passwords does a person really need to have in this life??) I also like Blogger for its ease in posting pictures, and for their already-created templates, since my goal is to write and not crunch code. There are other very good blog software programs out there, in addition to Blogger. Some links for you to choose from that are free:

Some sites offer a blog creating service on a particular topic. eCancerAwareness has a place where you can create a free blog on their site.

Your hardest duty when creating a blog is probably deciding what to name it. Just know that your story is worth telling, and worth telling in your own words. Keep blog posts coming - that is the second hardest thing, blogging consistently.

You will probably run into ads offering you great riches if you start selling ad space on your blog. That is an individual decision that you have to make. I chose not to accept ads on my blog, since this is me talking, and I don't want to muddy the message. On the other hand, if I had a blog about my favorite type of tractor, say a 1953 Super H Farmall, having ads on the blog might be just what my readers want to see.

Just remember that your blog should be written in the way you speak, not how you think. Which means that my year's worth of posts have been a long conversation with you, my reader. I only hope it has been an entertaining and informative one!

If you create a blog, please let me know what the address is. We are in this world together, and if you are writing on a topic I like to read, I will add you to my links in one of my 8 blogs-honest!

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