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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Solo road trip - wonderful!

I took off this past weekend on a solo road trip to visit parents and relatives in Missouri. This was my first solo driving since last year, and I relished every minute of it. Don't get me wrong - I love traveling with my family. I also love traveling solo.
So that is why there were many Ninja Librarian sightings all up and down I-29 in Iowa, and I-70 across the middle of Missouri. I haven't seen the photos turning up in the Enquirer yet, but give them time...
Update on treatment side effects: I had many adventures with eating - the most successful was the fried eggplant that my mom did up for me one night. While at her house, we ate only meatless meals - farm fresh produce, the fried eggplant, cantelope - good eating! Since I am not losing weight (dang it), I know I am adequately nourished. My year of covering my face (the rough estimate from the radiation folks was to give it a year) is nearly up - it will be the pain or lack of when in full sun that will either keep or lose the face-covering hat. Lucky for me, the days are getting shorter. I have had more pain in my cheek/neck/head lately, enough that it sidetracks me at work - not thinking it is a sign of anything returning (yeah, right, and I have a bridge to sell to you if you believe that! ), probably just more signs that my nerves have healed up. I will optimistically hold that thought, and discuss the new pains with the head/neck surgeons when I see them next month for my checkup.

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Jeanne said...

Teri--I am NOT telling you what to do, but if you're worried (and you sound like you might be a bit) how about moving that appt. up and getting in to see the doctors sooner?

My rule of thumb is if I'm losing sleep over something, I call the doctor.

I feel like we've been out of touch, thanks for sending on the sueing god story--I posted it to my blog, of course.


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