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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have finally met a fellow ACC fighter in person!

I was lucky enough last week while in Seattle to meet in person another ACC fighter, Dan. The picture shows us in a (probably endangered) Starbucks. We met to continue the work we had begun on some patient support information for the ACCRF site. No doubt he would argue this point, but I think he is a great model for handling what this disease throws at you over the years. Go Dan, go! I am glad to count myself in your team of supporters!


Jeanne said...

Teri--this is so incredible. I didn't realize until your trip to Seattle--and your meeting with Dan--that you had NEVER met another person with your kind of cancer. I knew it was rare (thanks to you I even knew it is a type of cancer), but I had no idea.

Hoping Dan will join us for other events in Seattle.


Dan Dube said...

What a thrill to see our picture posted to your site and to read more about your trip to my neck of the woods. That morning chat at Starbucks was so filled with the "congruent, emergent flow of resonating, synergistic serendipity". I have this deep sense that you and I are going to be involved in some profound things in the days ahead with focused efforts on support for the ACC community, and it is going to be flat out fun for both of us!

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