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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coolibar School Sun Hat contest

If you are associated with a public or private school, school organization (yep, PTA/PTO counts), or non-profit that works with education, consider entering this great contest to win up to 50 sun hats for your class:
That page lists methods of entering the contest, and the contest guidelines of who is eligible to enter.

The contest is to draw attention to the Coolibar School Hat Program, which allows schools to purchase children's hats at 50 percent off of retail price. (Note - home schools are included in this program.) There is a link on the page above to the School Hat Program brochure.

Deadline for entering the contest is May 1, and winners will be announced on May 14. What a great way to have fun with sun protection, and just in time for those end of the year field trips and summer vacation!

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