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Friday, February 06, 2009

A great Friday story

I thought you would like to see this news story: . It is about a man in Omaha riding his motorcycle who lost $2500 in 100 dollar bills out of his pocket as he rode down the street. Motorists following him saw the bills fly, and stopped to pick them up, BUT NOT TO KEEP THEM. They waited while another driver went ahead to get the motorcycle rider back, and gave him $2400 of the $2500. He was so happy. He didn't even mind the missing 100 dollar bill - saying that the person that kept it probably needed it.
Even though our economy here has not been hit as hard as other areas around the nation, those folks that stopped could have rationalized the need to keep the 'free' money, and use it for their kids, their parents, whatever. Instead, their actions have inspired many more than the money would have benefited, and a man is walking taller because the human race did not fail him in his hour of need.


Korean Cuisine said...

nice story indeed!

Dee said...

Hi Teri,
Wow - how lucky! That's a lot of money to use and to have so many bystanders pick the bills up and return them is so nicet o hear!

Dee said...

I meant, that's a lot of money to "loose" not use! I blame the anesthesia. At any rate, I'm just glad that the money got his money back.

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