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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Personal experience with new Lands End sun protection clothing

Regular readers of this blog know that protecting myself from the sun has been very important. I have had to cover my head/neck area due to radiation, and the rest of me due to medications that I have taken that make me sun-sensitive.
I recently learned about the new Lands End line of sun protection clothing - Sun.Life - and posted a link to it earlier. I have had the chance to personally try out the long-sleeved cardigan, and review my experience with it here.
The cardigan zips up the front, and has two zippered pockets, sure to come in handy when the glaciers finally leave Omaha and I begin riding the Gypsy again. All three zippers have cloth tabs, making them easy to grab and open. I can wear it zipped up completely and not have any neck pain issues on the left (radiated) side of my neck - the knitted fabric is very soft and forgiving to the damaged skin. The length of the cardigan should cover my backside well while riding the bike, too. Another librarian tried on the cardigan, and commented that the fit was perfect - enough room in the sleeves to go over blouses, and the waistband is not tight, like some sweaters can be.
Unfortunately, the weather has not been warm enough for me to wear the cardigan alone outside, so I can't speak yet to its sun protection qualities. I plan to take it on a road trip very soon (its that time of year again!), so I look forward to reporting more on its sun protection properties later. I want to thank Lands End for the chance to personally try out this product. I only hope my experience with it helps others in their quest for sun protection.


Jeanne said...

Teri--the sweater looks great! Good for you for trying out a product and reviewing it.

I got a shirt a couple of years back that gives me great sun protection--can't remember if it's from Lands End or not, but I will take a look at the label and let you know. I'll bring it to Florida if we make it to ASCO!


Dee said...

Hi Teri,
I really like the sweater and am looking forward to reading how it works for you in terms of sun protection . . .

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