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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Made it to another birthday!!

Yep, rolling along to that half century mark - turned 48 today, and glad-so glad-for every year and every day. Sure, I wish I could look as good as Sophia Loren as I age, but since I didn't look anything like her at 22, I figure I am out of that league altogether. As it is, I am working hard to be the best aging Cheeky Librarian there ever will be.
Sending love out to all those who have walked with me, pushed me, pulled me, and lived with me (that is the hardest job, I know!) over these 48 years. Here's to the next set of exciting decades!


whidavi said...

What?!? Sophia Loren is a hound. You're totally hot. At least, in my book, woman! My wishes for a lovely b-day and many lovely days to come.

Dee said...

Happy Birthday, dear Teri! I didn't know it was your special day! I hope you did something fun and exciting!

Korean Cuisine said...


Jeanne said...

Teri--I missed your birthday! Happy happy birthday. Much love to you.

Don't worry about Sophia--I don't think she's aged all that well, actually, but I try not to criticize people who are in the spotlight--the pressure, my god!



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