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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in the news

This is a follow-up story on a KU student, now grad:
Battling Cancer Changes Student's Outlook

Congratulations and a standing ovation for all you have accomplished, Jessica Roark. Just let us know when you do that fund raiser for AACRF.

In a previous Cheeky Librarian ACC in the News post, Ms. Roark was featured in a story about college students with cancer just one year ago:

In other news, I found this interview of Peter Tork written and copyrighted by Susan Walsh: An Interview With Peter Tork - the Former Monkee Talks About His Cancer Diagnosis and Recovery

I really like his response to her question: "Has your perspective on life changed as a result of having cancer?" A portion of his reply: "No, my perspective on life hasn't changed a bit as a result of having (had) cancer. I've worked kinda hard on my attitude toward life, and damn' cheap it would have been, too, if I hadn't made provision in it for illness and death, wouldn't it?"

Go Peter, go.

The words and link that follow showed up when I took the excerpt out of Ms. Walsh's article, and must be there to serve as a trackback:

1 comment:

penelope said...

Y'know "go Peter go" sums it up. I was a Monkee's fan for years, and still find myself humming parts of their songs. I'll have to go read more now, but I'm glad to see a comment like that from someone who I idolized once days ago too.

I look to you for the news updates, when I remember to look. :-) And I just ordered a Face Visor in my continuing quest to cut down my own sun exposure after the two bouts with my melanoma metastasizing this past year. I'm planning to take a break from recurrent cancer. That's the theory. But that doesn't stop the precautions.

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