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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Countdown to the 2009 Cattlemen's Ball

June 5 & 6 will find me near Doniphan, Nebraska, at this year's Cattlemen's Ball . They hold the ball every year in a different location around the state, always raising money for cancer research here in Nebraska. In addition to 'manning' a promotional booth for the Consumer Health Information Resource Service (CHIRS), I was asked to take part in the fashion show. The photo shows what this lucky Cheeky Librarian gets to wear - mink! This and other furs that will be showcased at the fashion show are appearing courtesy of the Christian Nobel Furs Limited, located in Omaha. Their store is in the Regency Court shopping center, the location of that wonderful jewelry store, Borsheims. Oh yeah, I could get used to this kind of living! Before you think it will be all fun and games for me - remember that the Cattlemen's Ball takes place in huge circus tents out in a field, and the windy day (well, windy before the storm comes in) will no doubt be pushing 100 degrees. But I will endure the tribulations gladly (grin!) - after all, how many times in a woman's life can she have the chance to do this? I will be walking the runway with another blogger that I have linked to on my blog, and a friend that has saved my life many a time: The Assertive Cancer Patient is coming to speak, take part in the fashion show, and also bring her line of jewelry to sell in the general store tent. You can see photos of the jewelry she will be bringing to sell on her blog: . And I am sure that both of us will be talking about our experiences at the Ball during the week following the event. Stay tuned!


Jeanne said...

Teri--you look fabulous in mink!

I am so looking forward to this time with you, and to the Ball, of course.


Dee said...

Hey Teri,
You look great! I hope you have a great time there!

Rebecca said...

Mink becomes you!!! Enjoy!

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