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Friday, May 29, 2009

Graduations, anniversaries - time keeps on keeping on

Many wishes I made have come true since my diagnosis in June of 2006. Both of my kids have now graduated from high school - neither one went through a graduation ceremony, but they are just as graduated as someone that did. My hopes are now of watching them graduate college in whatever form or fashion that they choose to do so.
Next Tuesday is the 25th anniversary of our first date. The truck the mister was driving back then is parked nicely out in the side yard, still starting up whenever he asks it to. (I know my place in his life - it is after the truck!) He still blames my mom for getting him hitched, since she was his grandparents' neighbor at the time. She disagrees. They have been having this conversation for 25 years, at times debating the issue like some UN session. Naturally, I have no say in the matter - it appears that I was merely a pawn.
I know that none of us are guaranteed to reach the various milestones in life, especially since I have experienced very dark days when I wondered if I was going to outlive our family dog. I am really glad and humbled that I have been here to witness these particular milestones pass by, and grateful to each and every health care professional, friend, family member, blog supporter - any and all that offered their support to me and gave me strength to carry on when I didn't know that I could. The next milestone I am aiming for - our 25th anniversary on Dec. 1. We will be celebrating then, you can count on it - and the debate will continue to rage on between the mister and my mom...


penelope said...

Milestones are well worth noting. What a great post. I love the truck and whose fault it is, after 25 years yet. I read it out loud to my spouse and child (8 years old, "what's a pawn?") and I'm still smiling. I've seen the family dog reference in your writing a couple of times recently. One of ours is geriatric right now, and I keep looking at him saying "how do you feel guy?" I'm outliving him, but I can nearly number his days. Got to pick up dog prescriptions today too.

I used your links and got a few more sun protection goodies this week. Steroids have added to my sensitivity physically. Well, and emotionally as I considering hitting the people who say "you do need some sun" (I deal with melanoma), as if I'm spending my days under a black out cloak in a cave. That doesn't sound bad to me, but I haven't managed it yet. The protective clothing is a help at least. Thanks for the pointers on your blog, again.

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks Penelope - I am so very glad that anything I have recorded here was of use to you. And thanks especially for smiling - I figure my next gig in life will be stand up.
Here's to both of us heading out into life with protection.

Jeanne said...

Teri--congrats on reaching this milestone: the three-year anniversary of your diagnosis! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you next week--you get to pick how we celebrate: with alcohol, or iced tea, or a dunk in a river somewhere to cool off!

On the family dog: One of the reasons I got Younger Son a dog for his 11th birthday was that I figured he needed a dog to help him cope with my cancer. I fully expected that dog to outlive me, in fact that was part of the plan. But guess what? The dog died last year, at age 6, and I'm still here.

My point is that we really don't know how long we will be here. Many of us have outlived the medical prognoses for our cancers, and many more will do the same.

So hug your friends and family members, and celebrate those milestones! I'm with you.



penelope said...

Teri, do you have trouble with the heat under the sun protective gear? I'm hyper heat sensitive, so I'm running in to that already. The light weight seem to breath well, but I noticed the difference yesterday, even while liking no sun hitting my skin with the helmet thingy under my hat, I was definitely warmer too.

Maybe next step is a clip on personal fan. I'll be a sight!

Dee said...

Wonderful celebrations and milestones! Something to look forward to is always a good thing. Here's hoping you see your 50th anniversary!

Loved the story about the dog, BTW.

Keep on truckin'!

Teresa Hartman said...

Hey Penelope - the only thing that I have had no problem with heat buildup has been the Coolibar hat . I have been wearing it again during driving-that radiated left side still smarts a bit with reflected sun for extended periods of time. The shield I can only wear in the winter - the heat buildup was just about as bad as sun (hey, heat is heat on a burn). And the sunblock hoodie is lighter than air, so I wear it while driving to cover my arms (and at times, my head - doesn't do as well as the wraparound hat does for my cheek, though.)
That hat is the very best thing I have purchased - so light weight, easily whipped on and off, can talk through it just fine, good field of vision no matter what I am doing.

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks so much, Dee. Here's to all of us celebrating every milestone we can get our selves around!

penelope said...

The only draw back I can see with the hoodie is it looks like it's a pull over your head sort rather than zip. Is that right? I like zip sorts better for putting on, taking off, etc. Have you tried this one? It looks like it fits a little smaller unfortunately, and is missing the word "lite" in the fabric description. I'm having fun looking at their colors right now. I can wear almost nothing but pink, which I'm getting so tired of, but looking is fun.

Korean Cuisine said...

congratulations on your milestone! my biggest hope is to see my son graduate high school as well.

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