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Friday, June 19, 2009

Up in the wee hours, listening to the thunderstorm

Nebraska is famous for its summer storms. The one that is approaching Omaha right now is only supposed to have high winds, hail, and rain - no tornadoes, so I may be losing power any minute. Right now, the rain is falling, the TV is on to the local station's weather crew giving updates, and the family is snoring - all is right in the world, despite a heat index of 86 degrees outside (cozy inside with our cool "bought air", as the heat pump is doing its thing quite well, actually!). Where ever you are, I hope you also have this sense of peace and contentment in your life, cozy while the storms are raging outside.

If you are looking for a great weather site that gives real-time radar, try Intellicast. Here is the link for the radar loop for my area, but you can adjust it to view your area instead:
This is also a useful site to see where snow/ice conditions are before you head out on trips in the cold months.


Jeanne said...

Teri--unreasonable as I know it is, I still wish I had seen a tornado on my recent visit to Nebraska!

I love being safe at home when there is a storm raging.

Teresa Hartman said...

That isn't unreasonable, Jeanne - lots of people make their living off of tracking tornadoes, and I know you would have met the challenge if we had had one while visiting the Grand Island area. They did get a bad storm there the other night - even derailed a train off the tracks, and took out many buildings on a farm - so we were right close to ground zero for excitement. Here's to calmer skies for us all.

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