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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Items on eBay support ACCRF

There is currently an exciting series of bids over on eBay for some items connected with Peter Tork, with the proceeds going to support the efforts of the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation (AACRF). It might be fun to follow the bidding wars - the signed purple tie is already up to $420, and the red bra has reached $51. (I will have to ask my archivist buddies how one properly displays a bra and still protect it historically.) Peter Tork was recently diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, and has recently been going through radiation treatment. The eBay items were donated by his fans, but he has been fundraising himself through a wristband he sells on his website: Hope On.
If you wish to donate directly to the AACRF, here is their page: . The research on our rare cancer won't happen without private donations. I thank everyone that has donated time or money towards finding the key to unlocking the mysteries of this critter that lived in my head and (probably) travels my nerves as I type this. (And I don't even like ticks - ew!)


Dee said...

Hey there, it's great that Peter Tork is selling things (or his name is being used to sell things) to support research into ACC! Glad to hear it.

My colleague said that there have been some news reports recently that state that the funding for cancer research in general has tended to be too conservative. I think that means that they're concentrating on treatments that try to clobber the cancer (while also clobbering everything around it, like healthy cells) instead of figuring out how and why cancer proliferates in certain people. For instance, I was at a meeting at the National Science Foundation recently in which one of my co-committee members stated that twenty years ago, someone started researching angiogenesis of cancer (i.e., trying to cut off that blood supply so the cancer cells die), but that that research was stifled for a long time and only now are they doing more research on that issue. Anyway, when he sends me the reports out of NCBI, I'll forward them to you.

Your comment about something "living in my head" has a whole new meaning for me now - my son was discovered with head lice last week, so I've been doing the chimpanzee-looking-for-critters-and-nits-thing on his head ever since. My head itches every time I think of it!

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks Dee - and all my best to you and your son! My kids gave me head lice one year for Mother's Day (ok, that was the day we discovered it, but still...)!

Dee said...

How long did it take you to get rid of it? I found one live louse on my head yesterday afternoon - out came RID - the shampoo - and Scott picked through my head for nits. No wonder my head was itching! Gak!

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