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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update and a food craving out of the mists of time

First, I am remaining positive (or floating on the river of denial) that my voice is better this morning since the addition of steroids yesterday. "Better" is just incremental, but I will take it and remain silent for the rest of the day, including the hair appointment I have tonight (have already written up my note cards for that visit.) If the voice really isn't better, I go to the ENT for a scoping to see what they can see. Wish I could mail that image in - at least I still have a gag reflex, but I don't really like to prove it.

On a completely different topic - food: I haven't had much of an appetite lately, but for some reason this morning, I am craving all the stuff that I used to love B.R. (before radiation in 2006). Can steroids work that fast on a person? If so, this is really not fun - a glass of protein drink doesn't fix the cravings, that's for sure. I got to thinking about some of the first Chinese food I had when I was growing up in Missouri, where they have their own brand of Cashew Chicken that I haven't run into anywhere else in the world. (The Cashew Chicken, like Brad Pitt, is from Springfield, MO) I went out hunting that topic down just now, and ran into a recent story in the NYT Travel section: United Tastes-Missouri Chinese - Two Cultures Claim This Chicken
(My apologies for anyone that finds this unique recipe an affront to what they know to be good Chinese food. I recommend that you go to Missouri and try it sometime!) Man, what I would give for some of that brown sauce about now and have it taste good... the ol' palate just wouldn't do it justice, though.


Glenna said...

Wish I could ship you some! It's funny you had a craving for it. Because of that NYT article, a Voice of America reporter came to town for that story and interviewed David Leong, the creator. Somehow he found my food blog and ended up contacting me for a few quotes. It was a hoot!

I make my own that's a little healthier--when you're up to it I'd be happy to send you the link to the recipe on my blog so you can have an Ozarks' style chow down!!!

Hang in there with your treatment--thinking lots of good thoughts and sending them your way.

penelope said...

Yes I suspect they can work that fast. The steroids have had me dredging out foods from my childhood and eating foods I've never eaten in my life.

Not that knowing those things does you any good at all.

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Glenna. I am at my mom's in Sedalia, and she laughed when we talked about the dish, and said, "but you don't even like the texture of chicken any more!" She's right, of course, but the mind doesn't register that with the memories sometimes. Thank you for your blogs - just read your post on what you experienced as an asthma patient, as well as your post of Williams Sonoma's offer to split me from money in order to cook gourmet chicken. Keep up the great writing, and your great professional work!

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks, Penelope - and yes, it does me good to know those things. The mind 'wants', but after arguing for nearly 3 years with the cravings and resulting disasters of placing the great smelling food on my weirded-out taste buds, I think I can overcome the mind. The big question now is - can a person get split personality due to unfulfilled food cravings? (grin!)

penelope said...

We'll get back to you on that one.

In the meantime shall I list either childhood foods or new foods (talk about split personality? I grew up as a lacto ovo vegetarian, and now I'm likely to eat anything that stands still long enough!)

Well maybe not.

As I got back to lower doses of steroids one of the sad things was wanting something that then didn't taste right. I'm not sure what the value for right was, but I kept not hitting it. It made it much easier to say no to things, but it was very sad.

Glenna said...

Thanks! That's very kind of you!

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