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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cheeky voice update

I had the first lecture since June 3rd to do today - I think I did ok, but it wasn't my best effort. Voice is still gravelly, and I have to force it to get the sound out. People I work with (and live with!) still feel free to tell me to stop talking. (Miss Manners, I think I have found a method for folks to be able to tell another to shut up in polite society-just tie it to a medical condition.) Still wish there was a crutch for a voice in trouble. I signed up to do 5 2-hour lectures between now and the end of the month, so things had better get better FAST.
You know, I have learned to live with the various pains that have come up (chest area, abdomen, head of course) - no sweat, and I know others face much more, pain-wise, and function well. But what is the best way to cope with losing voice? Let me know if you think of anything. Since communication is key to my job (despite what you may think of librarians and professors, we do talk - a lot!), this new limitation in my life is something that keeps me up at night a bit.


Dee said...

I think I was reading one of those popular Science magazines - I think it was Discover - which talked about Stephen Hawking's latest works. He has that computer-gizmo voice for his ALS, so such contraptions are out there! But it may be an expensive fix for a temporary problem. Too bad you couldn't rent one for cases like yours! (Hmm . . . another idea, huh?)

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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