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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hope everyone gets to attend a family reunion this summer

Just returned from Minnesota, where we attended my dear husband's family reunion up in Plymouth. Really nice time - got to see many of the branches of the family tree, and see where we all fit together in the scheme of things. The most fun was getting folks to hold still for the family shots! The kids that attended seemed to have a good time with the playing and the attention from doting grandparents. The food was wonderful - great cooks in his family. And he and I had a great time on the drive up and back - it is so nice to have a best friend on a trip like that. We had so much fun, we are planning another trip up to the Ikea store to buy bathroom fixtures that we liked. We used to shop at the store near us in Germany 20 years ago. I keep emailing the company that they need to build a store down here, but they just reply politely that Minnesota is as close as they are getting to Nebraska. Ah well - the visit with family will make it all worth it.

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Jeanne said...

Teri--this is so great. And wonderful that the two of you had the time in the car together.

My family doesn't do big gatherings anymore, and I have to admit I miss that.

You can come to Seattle to shop at Ikea--we have one right down the road. Well, a bit south of Seattle. I think they might ship everything to Nebraska for you.

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