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Friday, October 02, 2009

Still looking to the future strongly

It has been a year since the last big round of doctors and scans and the worry (that would not leave no matter how much I worked to make it go away) that the cancer had returned, all the while during the worst global economic meltdown of my lifetime - and I am still looking to the future. I have my last radiation oncology appointment next week - seems I am too boring for them to continue following (grin). Well, really, this is the natural progression of their care - the doctor won't want to see me again until late effects might arise from the radiation I received (in about 20 years, if I have anything to do with it). Throughout the last 3 years of healing after the cancer treatment, I have been working towards raising my head and looking outward, instead of inward, and I have arrived at that point. Heck, I am even considering what my next career step might be in academia-land - how fortunate is that? Yes, I still deal with aches/pains/lack of taste/cold intolerance, but hey, that's life, and I am dealing with it in style (I hope). I remain ready to help anyone locate information sources for their own treatment paths - I am still a librarian, thanks to that skilled surgeon that removed the skull lesion in time, and the original surgeon that removed the tumor from my cheek, and the health care professionals/family members/friends that never gave up on me and kept me from giving up on my own ability to overcome some major crud (and that includes readers of this blog of all flavors-you know who you are!). To all readers out there - if there has been anything in this blog of use to you as you travel your own individual path, I am glad and it makes it worth the work. Please always remember to discuss any self-care activities you might read that worked/didn't work for me with your own health care professionals - each of us is different, and our care is individualized, so the health care professionals need to know what we are doing in the self-care arena. Here's to many more years for us all.


Jeanne said...

Teri--darling Teri. Thanks for the update. It is so great to hear that you are looking outward towards the future, because you do have a great future ahead of you in whatever you decide to do.

You have helped me in so many ways ... Your sense of humor alone has helped me get through some dark days.

whidavi said...

Amen to that, Superwoman!

Dee said...

I'm so happy to hear that, Teri! I was really worried about you last fall, you know! Glad to hear you're thinking about "what next?" That's always exciting! Take care!

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