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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If you are or want to be a writer...

My university had a workshop for academic writers today, and I thought the book list might be of interest to you if you are considering writing about your life experiences. Dr. Paul Silvia of the University of North Carolina suggested the titles, and I collected them in this refshare folder: (I added Dr. Silvia's book to the list.)

You can take the citation information for the books you would like to your local library's website, and see if they have them listed in their catalog. If they don't, you can request them via interlibrary loan - check with your library on this service, and find out if there are fees involved.

Your story is important. Just do it. (With a nod to Nike.)

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Jeanne said...

Teri--good list of books! The titles alone are great. Jeanne

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