Friday, April 30, 2010

Forgetting cancer by visiting the Woodstock of Capitalism

This weekend is the Berkshire Hathaway stockholders meeting in Omaha, and it is promising to be a fun, informative, and historic time for all. You can follow the activities through the Borsheims jewelry store site: You might even catch a photo or two of the Cheeky Librarian - I made it into a couple of the photos last year, along with my mom-in-law. If you get the chance, buy some Berkshire Hathaway stock ( OR through your TDAmeritrade Roth Account (, and come to Omaha for the next meeting! You and around 40,000 others won't be sorry.

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Jeanne said...

Maybe I should get Older Son to buy some stock. Or maybe I could buy it for him, next time he needs a gift. I think he'd get a kick out of owning it.

Have a great time with all the other shareholders, and if you meet WB himself, hit him up for $50,000 or so to support my blog, OK?


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