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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Thanks to BP, the second part of our anniversary has changed

Well folks - who would have known what today's Gulf of Mexico would look like when I booked a condo in Gulf Shores, AL way back in January. We were heading down to take romantic walks on the beach, eat some great Royal Reds (shrimp, HUGE shrimp), and just sit and have the sea breezes waft over us. Not happening. The mister was in a Gulf back in 1991 with burning oil - taking him to an area that has been declared an emergency due to oil again probably wouldn't be the best memory maker for our next 25 years. I figure this is similar to planning a trip to California, and having to cancel it due to forest fires. I am so so very sorry that the wildlife and human life will be experiencing the trouble they are about to (or are already) have thrown at them, but the Cheekymobile won't be driving down to the ocean any time soon. Not sure what we will do instead. I had also hoped this trip would boost me up before my unexpected head/neck doctor visit in mid-May (I know, too much for one small trip to shoulder, anyway), but will face them beach-less.
Where ever you are, I hope your travel plans are holding up and you get to make some memories no matter what. I have the feeling that memories are something we CAN take with us.


Anonymous said...

Bummer! Try the Outer Banks, Assateague Island, Savannah, or, Madeline Island of Wisconsin.

Rebecca said...

I'm very sad about all the wildlife that is dying due to the oilspill. The cost of our lives is great, I fear.

As to your anniversary, how about booking a night in a nice hotel or B&B? Pack & I often find that's a fun way to celebrate.

Jeanne said...

Hi there--did the two of you get out of town? I really hope so.


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