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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Big day for me and dear husband

Today is our anniversary. 27 years ago, we stood in front of a few family and friends and pledged that we would be there for the other one, in good times and bad. Boy howdy - have we ever! Sending happy day wishes to that man that has stood by me and that I have stood by him through the years. They have all been good, hon.

Here's wishing that everyone reading this has someone special in their life, including and especially themselves.


Anonymous said...

And many more!


Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks for the good wishes! Dear husband has asked a couple of times this past weekend when his parole starts... I just tell him he hasn't had enough good behavior yet.
The photo is of fruiting ginkgo trees at a rest stop in Missouri. I didn't know they even bore fruit, but figured since they are a symbol of longevity, I figured it would fit for the anniversary post. Sending hugs and smiles out to all who read this.

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