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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Feeling fine

My cheeks are hurting, but not due to cancer or treatment this time. Thanks to the spring weather on Saturday, I ran around town in the Scion, sun roof and windows open, radio cranked up, grinning like I haven't grinned in quite a while. The rest of the world just faded away. If driving 20-odd miles in Omaha traffic makes me feel this good, I can't wait for a real road trip.

If you are beginning, in the middle, or just finishing your treatment, please know that there are good days ahead. I know it is hard to believe while you are going through stuff (and boy, the stuff sometimes just keeps going, and arrives in buckets), but better days will happen. They may only happen one day at a time, and spread out between a lot of crappy days, and heck, may only be a partial day, but I hope you are able to grab whatever good comes your way. Keep on rebuilding yourself, so you are ready to catch the good ones when they drop by. In the effort of keeping myself ready to catch the good ones, I still exercise my jaw, cream my radiation-dried skin, knock down the lymphedema, try to get adequate nourishment with a changed diet (I think I am now the world's most cranky and frustrated vegetarian-PETA would be proud), and find ways to rest up in between the gallivanting around. I also know that all the work I do may not stop anything new from coming - I am just trying to reduce the effects of what has already been done. I don't know how much longer this marathon called life is for me, but I want to be aware of the entire event if possible. (Since I reread my blog, I am telling this message to myself, too, especially my future self that may be going through another round of crud.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,

I am just starting out with the Radiation and Chemo thing. Matter of fact, next week will be my first for chemo. But as you said,"but better days will happen." I am doing fine, getting tired of getting poked, pricked and prodded. But, I am doing well. I have added you link to my site. It is nice to have other opinions and experiences for the readers.

All the Best,


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